Wholesale Petro Supply

It is our desire to offer the lowest pricing possible without compromising on the extra services we are rapidly becoming famous for.

These policies ensure Wholesale Petro Supply clients to have Less Work, Less Worry, and Less Expense. We offer wholesale pricing to those who order in quantity. You can count on us for affordable, quality products.

Less Work, Less Worry, and Less Expense

Reliable In Stock Guarantee

We now guarantee primary products to be in stock at all times! If we’re unable to fill your order within 48 hours of it’s being placed, we will credit your account $100.00 when your order is filled. You will never see this money though, because we will always have what you really need in stock. Unless placed in the late afternoon, all orders are filled the day they are ordered. This guarantee applies to all primary products such as nozzles, hoses, and other accessories required to dispense fuel. Primary products are designated in bold on the master price list.

You never have to worry whether or not I will have what you need in stock. Wholesale Nozzle & Supply will never backorder something you really need. Therefore, you will never have the extra expense of ordering equipment from a more expensive, local distributor.

Exclusive Warranty Search

We make sure you receive all the warranties rightly belonging to you. When you return cores (against nozzles you’ve ordered) we examine them, searching and hunting for nozzles that we may be able to warranty for you.

We have been able to warranty almost 11% of those nozzles returned as cores. This in effect saves you an additional $3.00 a nozzle. Bottom line; our Warranty Search means you don’t have to worry about missing out on warranty’s you deserve, and it means substantially less expense. No other company offers either of these extra services to their customers. As a Wholesale Petro Supply customer, you benefit from both services automatically every time you order.