Wholesale Petro Supply has been providing hanging hardware for the petroleum dispensing industry since 1975. It continues to be a nationwide industry leader.
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Fuel Dispensing Components

Fuel Dispensing Equipment

Of all the equipment used to dispense fuel at your service station, your retail customers interact with the hanging hardware the most. We have everything that you need to get the fuel from your dispensers to the customers vehicle safely & cleanly. Nozzles, Hoses, Swivels, Breakaways

Dispenser Electronics

Dispenser Electronics

Your dispensers need to both function flawlessly and remain attractive to your customers. These components will ensure that your dispensers are attractive, operating at optimum levels and are user friendly. Credit Card Readers, Displays, LED Backlights, Printers, Key Pads, Filters, Signage/Decals


Underground Solutions

Whether you are building a new retail fueling site, renovating an existing site or simply maintaining one, WPS provides everything between and including the USTs and the dispensers. Piping, Sumps, Entry Boots, Shear Valves, Manholes, Spill Buckets